Bath & Brush 


     This service involves your dog(s) getting their ears cleaned, teeth brushed (if added - $10), anal glands expressed (if needed),  conditioned, bathed 2-3 times, re-conditioned, hand dried, nails clipped/dremeled, brushed, de-shedded and combed out. They'll also get multiple breaks throughout their time here. During the warm seasons, depending on the circumstances, I will bathe them on the porch as shown above. Warm water is used. You are welcome to pick out your own shampoo/conditioner along with any accessory of your choice!  Trimming is not included in this package. 

     I can only express glands externally so if I am unable to accomplish this the vet can express them internally. This is important to prevent impaction and eruption. They are bathed and conditioned with your choice of product. If you have no preference I can choose what I think would be best for their coat, skin etc. I use different dryers and techniques depending on their sensitivity to the drying process. I clip and/or dremel the nails according to what they are most comfortable with.

     I use a variety of brushes and combs depending on the size of your dog, hair length and texture of the coat. In the Education Station you will find Amazon links to some brushes and combs I use and recommend. I know the at home brushing process can be a bit wild for some but I am here to help as much as possible with education, explanation and demonstration. Light de-matting and/or de-shedding is included. Anything past 15 minutes is $5.00 per minute.  When it comes to de-matting, no matter how gentle I am, it is never a super pleasurable experience for either of us. If the matting is too severe I will recommend shaving them. I am a firm believer in Humanity over Vanity. 

Their breaks will consist of time playing in the shop, on walks and off leash in the Play Park. The Play Park is a fenced in area inside of my fenced in dog yard for added protection. The mental, physical and emotional breaks help with, obviously going potty, along with nervousness, anxiety and overall wellbeing. During inclement weather they will get potty breaks but spend more play time in the shop.  

     I use Happy Hoodies for ear protection from the dremel and dryers. If they do not favor the hoodie I will use cotton balls instead. 




Short Coat - 1/2 Inch and Less

Medium Coat - 1/2 Inch and More

Long Coat - 1 Inch and Longer 

I have a few different ways of measuring hair length. 

Extra Small 1 - 10 Pounds

Short Coat - $50.00

Medium Coat - $60.00

Long Coat - $70.00

Small 11 - 26 Pounds

Short Coat - $70.00

Medium Coat - $80.00

Long Coat - $90.00

Small/Medium 27 - 42 Pounds 


Short Coat - $90.00

Medium Coat - $100.00

Long Coat - $110.00


Medium 43 - 58 Pounds

Short Coat - $110.00

Medium Coat - $120.00

Long Coat - $130.00

Medium/Large 59 - 74 Pounds

Short Coat - $130.00

Medium Coat - $140.00

Long Coat - $150.00


Large 75 - 90 Pounds

Short Coat - $150.00

Medium Coat - $160.00

Long Coat - $170.00


Extra Large 91 - 106 Pounds

Short Coat - $170.00

Medium Coat - $180.00

Long Coat - 190.00


Giant 107 + Pounds

Short Coat - $190.00

Medium Coat - $200.00

Long Coat - $210.00