Higher Standards Grooming Salon 


About the Shop



     Welcome! I have designed my shop to cater to the individualized needs of the puppers and their parents! I provide a one on one experience that is rarely found and vastly different from the loud and stressful atmosphere of a typical groom shop. This means your pet(s) are cared for and supervised from the moment they walk in until they leave. I want your dog(s) to feel like they are having an actual spa day! I've taken complaints and concerns heard over the years, through various customer and public interactions, and am doing my best to address them all. The grooming process can be scary and strange for some pups, but I am here to make it as peaceful and enjoyable as possible! I offer a 3 day grace period for touch-ups free of charge. If there is anything you're unhappy with or out of place you have 3 days to bring them back so I can fix it. I want you to be satisfied with your service!  

     The shop is located in the comfort of my home on our 30 acre family horse farm, Sapphire Ridge Stables, in Leicester N.C. Please know that your babies are being treated like my babies! Your dog(s) will have full rein of the shop so they are able to roam free without ever being put in a cage. I have different sized, clean beds, blankets and furniture for them to rest in. If I am grooming more than one of your pups the beds help provide a comfortable and cozy waiting place for them. This in turn helps calm the one that's being worked with. Everything that is used gets sterilized after each client.

     I have built a play park that is a fenced in section within the large fenced in yard for extra safety so they can be off leash during their mental, physical and emotional breaks. They will have access to multiple bowls of fresh, clean water. I have security cameras throughout the farm and shop to help with any issues that may arise. There is a waste station available. Your help is not required, but is appreciated! I pick up and try to keep the grounds as clean and debris free as possible. I do not take dogs with fleas or that have been sprayed by a skunk. This is because I have to bomb the shop with chemicals after each time which shuts the doors for a couple days. If fleas are found there will be an immediate flea bath and a charge of $50. 

   I do my pricing by weight, hair length and and style selected. I have a scale that we will weigh your pup on when you arrive. Light de-matting and/or de-shedding is included in each service. Anything past 10 minutes is $5.00 per minute.  When it comes to de-matting, no matter how gentle I am, it is never a super pleasurable experience for either of us. If the matting is too severe I will recommend shaving them. I am a firm believer in Humanity over Vanity. However, I am here to help as much as I can with brushing and coat maintenance education! Please visit the Education Station section. 

     Payments accepted are Cash, Venmo, Credit and Debit Cards. There are many different ways to get here! (See bottom of page for location, maps and contact info.) Shorter backroads seem to be plentiful. From Patton Ave it's approximately 8 minutes if you take New Leicester Hwy. Upon arrival you will come to a white electric gate. Follow the pavement up to the concrete pad. I'll be out there! To exit you can either back up and turn around or go around and take the grass road back to the gate. 

    I do require the following Vaccines - Rabies and DHLPP. Bordetella is optional. This is to make the environment as safe and disease free as possible as some of these diseases can be deadly. Here is the AKC's recommended puppy vaccination schedule. 


What To expect 


     When you arrive we will do a thorough consultation about your dog and the services you are seeking. Pictures are always helpful when it comes to haircuts and touch - ups so please feel free to show me as many as you'd like! Your pups spa day can last anywhere from 3 - 6 hours depending on the service. For more than one dog at a time it can sometimes be an all day affair. Over an hour of that time will be spent on the numerous mental, physical and emotional breaks. See more info related to time effectors in FAQ's. Please bring their favorite toys, treats and/or comfort items. I have clean toys available as well. There is a Shampoo/Conditioner Selection Station and Accessory Selection Station. You can smell and pick your favorite product and bandana/bow/bowtie etc. If you have no preference I can choose what I think would be best for their coat and skin.

     Once you leave I spend 15-20 minutes getting to know them and reassuring them that they are in a safe place. Your pup will likely be nervous as you prepare to leave, but after you're gone they are immediately comforted and reassured. If at any time I feel the service should be ended for safety purposes I will immediately let you know.  I take pictures and videos along the way so you can get an inside look as to how their day went! I try to send as much as I can throughout but will most likely send you footage that evening. This way I can get your pet back to you as soon as possible. 

     Please be upfront about any behavioral issues that you're aware of. This will help me interact with and understand your pet better. I'll always give you an honest synopsis of their spa day. I wouldn't want you or another groomer to be surprised by any sensitivities or other issues. I will give you the best time frame I can as to when pick up should be, however I'm human and can be off sometimes. I can text a 30 minute heads up or less when we're getting close to finished. If 25 minutes have passed since the pick up time was arranged your pet(s) will have to go into my daycare section where the fee is $3.00 per minute. This is located in the garage attached to the shop. The atmosphere is heated or cooled depending on the weather. There are cameras with audio so I can keep an eye/ear on them. They won't be in cages, but instead large pens with fresh water, comfortable beds and their comfort items. I do this because I don't let client's pets interact with anyone outside of their "family." I want to avoid as much overlap between clients as possible so everyone can have an individualized experience.
     I do not rush! It's bad for them and it's bad for me. It makes comfortable and uncomfortable dogs stressed and fearful causing biting and other reactive behaviors. This can make your pup very reluctant to return and enjoy his or her experience. Rushing also leads to cuts/nicks, poor quality of service selected, less breaks and a frazzled groomer. Please keep in mind that I'm running a horse farm and tending to my dogs throughout the day as well. I do not take phone calls while working with clients unless they're from the owners. One of my main goals is being completely attentive to your dogs without distractions. However, I do want you to feel free to call, ask questions and schedule! I don't take walk-ins. My available hours are as follows: 



Friday     8:00 - 5:00 PM

Saturday     8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Sunday     8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Monday     8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Tuesday     8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Wednesday     8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Thursday     Closed 


About Ally 



     I am the daughter of a school superintendent and veterinarian. I have acquired my professional and business side from both parents as they raised the bar in every aspect. I have always been drawn to animals, especially dogs and horses. Having grown up in my dad's clinic, of 42 years, I was able to spend a significant amount of time with an immense array of animals. This laid the foundation for my continuous knowledge of canine and equine behavior. I believe dogs and horses are individuals with personalities and should be treated as so.  


     My specialty is training horses, specifically hunter/jumpers. I have competed since age 5 in multiple disciplines. I've shown at Washington International, Scottsdale Arabian Show, IHSA Nationals, Arabian Nationals etc. I also coached the James Madison University Equestrian Team. I graduated, with honors, from Bridgewater College with a major in Communication and a minor in Equine Studies. I've trained professionally at multiple show barns throughout my career. While taking a break from training, showing and sales I decided to pursue dog grooming. Being able to work at the farm is a dream come true and has allowed me to fully engage in both passions. I am a very kind, open minded, caring, empathetic and understanding person. I realize on a personality level that I am not for everyone and everyone is not for me. 

     We are all aware of this long heard phrase. I feel the world has become harsh, hateful, distant and cruel at times. I want this to remain a safe and loving space. Please help me keep it this way by being kind to me, each other, all animals, my family, friends and my property. 

Cancellation Policy


     I understand that life happens, accidents occur and surprises surprise us! Here are some reasons that I would need to cancel your appointment: Emergencies involving my dogs, horses, friends, family, farm, shop and myself. Since I live here weather is not an issue for me. I can keep you updated on the farms condition and let you decide whatever feels safe. 

     The first no show is a freebie! After the second no show, or lack of cancelling twelve or more hours before, I will have to charge 50% of the total cost to book the next groom. After the third I'll need to take full payment ahead of time for the remainder of their appointments.  If I have to cancel on you the same rules apply to myself. If I cancel twice your service will be 50% off. If I have had to cancel/reschedule you more than three times the service is discounted 100%.




     I do not use muzzles unless I absolutely have to. I think biting stems from numerous circumstances and situations.  Reactive behavior is typically based on atmosphere, negative past and present experiences, breed, age, pain/discomfort, how they are treated etc. 




     These are the treats I feed! Please let me know of any skin and food allergies. I understand some need a very restrictive diet. Please feel free to bring their own favorite treats!  

Location & Contact Info


Sapphire Ridge Stables 

321 Gouges Branch Road

Leicester, N.C. 28748 





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